Wednesday, November 12, 2014

From Christ’s Cross To Beyond Eternity

The Holy Throne Of God
The Lamb, Paradise Of God
The Marriage Supper Of The lamb

To All Churches In the Free World
TO All Churches In America


Not Every Man (Assembly) Who Call Me Lord, Lord Shall Enter In The Kingdom Of God, JCON.
Stated Reason For Condemnation, For It’s Much Sin

This is a final warning, The apostate Church (false assembly) can no longer exist as it is at present, God has given it since Christ’s ascension to convert to True Christianity (righteousness, Conversion, by Christ’s Bloody Cross, Rom. 12;1, 2), yet all it has done over the two millennium given it is all the more descend into immoral anarchy, it’s day of compete deletion has come, you have been served. Apostle, 1986-2016.

A Questionable Anti-Christ Reign 10/30/2014

-The God, even the throne of God I witnessed crying uncontrollably was about the stinging reality that every formation of guidance we’ve allowed has prepared us and thus our children for the wrong future. It's why Holy Spirit forewarn of an occupation that was coming, that our grandchildren would fall victim to, how they would instead of the free grow up in occupied territory, 2011/12. This betrayal is what's killing them, killing mankind, reaping all corruption sown now matured into especially a religious assembly not only damned but at present being punished as God forewarn landing America, the free world at the brink of oblivion, namely, the great gathering of Saints unto the anti-Christ reign.
-That’s what I saw, in huge bold print, the two part word SIN-BAD! As so in the dream parents, especially mothers were being referred to as Nazi Moms, meaning that meant for good and comfort and even medicating is being used for an evil most Satanic, Demonic, and Catastrophic. This reality would then make sense of the dream of us being all in the family of an outing, a playground scene reunion with President Clinton, what a mighty delusion of calling evil good.
-Just think, every good we think we do for our children hurt, disease and kill them, everything, what is used for nutritional purposes, what is meant for hygiene purposes, recreational, religious, what is used for over health and education, is all highly toxic, even the water and the air. Ideally, what has it profit that we’ve gained great technology landing us right at the brink of human genocide, even at mankind's most prized alters and homes?
-Just ask yourself what ethnic group has been chosen overall to pay the highest for this beyond comprehension Satanic to rebellious Mankind devised holocaust? Is this why the anti-Christ is poised to kill millions as millions go broke, as mankind can only on this planet reap what they’re to sow, even America, this world most ingenious carnivore, (holocaust Maker).
-The seconds of Visual programming I take in are horrifying enough, I kid you not, watching only a few minutes of children programming these days make me want to throw up, it’s all, all of it is nothing but this covert evil spreading itself like a heinous virus that most unlearn children seem to be mesmerized to the point of zombification even mummification, dehumanizingly and we wonder why they’re committing mass forms of murder, suicide in their homes and schools.
-I walked in on my two granddaughters recently Caterra 13 and Makhya,11, I‘m going to tell you what they were discussing though you’re not going to believe it, no it wasn’t boys at school, around the neighborhood or boy bands. Speaking of which Makhya’s favorite boy band is Prodigy, whom Caterra relayed recently are now broken up. Remarkably and making grandmother Apostle Bradford so enthused they were discussing the Antichrist Reign.
-My grandson Caden and I, while walking home from the library not so long ago, actually more recently coming from the candy lady, we were practicing along the streets who could scream Hallelujah the loudest. Caden,, also called Minister Caden, always win, as he has this ear piercing type of scream, his mom say even as a new born the nurses discussed how loud he was. The reason I knew this is what these girls were discussing is because time I walked in they instantly brought me into the conversation. Let me say this was possibly a month or so ago, I been wondering whether I would share it with my internet readers.
-So when I awaken this morning, right before dawn, thinking how we, errant parents like the American Dream have simply prepared our children and grandchildren for the wrong future, I immediately began this blog. Going on to tell them this is what I thought Holy Spirits were describing to me while doing a dream 2008, in the dream acting as a world leader I was in this meeting with Senator Obama. It wasn’t long before the Holy Spirits began describing to me and I quote, “He Is The One,” though I explained further, if this was so, if the first administration of who would soon be President Obama and now well into a second, was to be the end time anti-Christ Reign.
-In line with biblical prophecy, We, as in my entire believing household, that’s We, as in all the born-again, specialty saints, would’ve been taken out just as he won the election. The anti-Christ can only reign as and when the Church Bride, not the church world is taken out and he can only reign for seven years exactly, like two intervals of 42 months. So my granddaughters and I were at this time discussing the anti-Christ and who this person could possibly be, with Holy the Spirits just as this man won the first election declaring a time table of two weeks and seven years. Thus I went on to explain to them how it’s yet possible, that Barack Hussein could yet rise as so after his administration, how there are some who’re to think and even teach there are actions Barack Hussein could take while in office that could prolong his administration.
-That this man, if not the anti-Christ, truly does have the bloodline, one dating back to England, Africa and Arabia (Islam, the middle east), and thus the Roman Empire, the territory this end time despot will rise from. How just before his first administration I had many dreams of the anti-Christ, in one I was as his daughter in love with a trusting father. Just recently with more dreams of Obama, was he in calls with me concerning advice, with the only advice I can give any man, is that he by Christ's bloody cross repent or for all eternity perish in hell.
-For a certainty the Holy Spirits were either describing then Sentor Obama as the savior of America, the free world like a Moses, or it's end time decimation, like a Hitler. You say, these are things so tremendously serious I shouldn’t be sharing with my grandchildren, these are exactly the things, end time, spiritual to prophetic things I should be sharing with my grandchildren, remember, they started this conversation. They’re all things Supreme Holy Spirits have been sharing with me since I was a child, it is the truth, only God’s formation of truth can set mankind free from worshiping strong delusions (the American Dream), only made to manipulate and disguise the truth.
-It, the fulfillment of end day biblical prophecy is not people going to go away because you ignore it, or even remind ignorant of it, or make mockery of it. This is why you and your children in God’s sight are dying these heinous, inconceivable manners of deaths, for many this mean hell. Relentlessly, not only will you not come to the truth, as long as you walk, stagger and wallow in darkness (apostasy) so does your children and grandchildren. I need you to know my grandchildren don’t live with me, with the exception of Caden, and what Caden learn from me, is his living with a grandmother who live Jesus Christ twenty four seven, and the inquiries he make of her. There have been times he will walk into my room and whatever I’ll be doing is rooted in godliness and he’ll say something like, you really love Jesus don’t you grandmar?
-They, all of them will tell you, if they don’t ask I don’t say, but that’s just it, they ask, my blogs Minister Caden, A Questioning Makhya and now A Questionable Anti-Christ Reign, are all based on them inquiring of their Apostle Grandmother. This one to them whose perfect in two ways, she love God with all that is heart mind and soul within, and she love mankind supposedly friend or foe just the same. This is why I’m going to end this amazing article regarding an amazing story I read on Voice of the martyred last evening. I actually read about parents living in war torn countries even more violent against Christian describe to their children. While they sat them down and explain to them how one day men may come to their home and threaten them because of their belief of Christ, demanding that they deny Him or die.
-These remarkable parents then instructed their children no matter what, do not deny Jesus, if they attack them it will hurt for only a little time, they will bleed but only seconds later they will be in the paradise of God with Jesus, I must say who unlike their attackers. That if they don't repent will suffer in hell for all eternity to come. sadly, though miraculously, this father refusing to deny Jesus, would be laying in a puddle of his own blood just hours later. I didn’t get this type of warning from my parents when I was growing up, neither does any of America’s children, the most children of the so labeled free world get from their parents and or religious over seers is betrayal, rape and abuse, which is why they’re admonished to obey their parents who’re in Christ.
-Even to be born and then hand over to be sexually and mentally vandalized and battered by a system that's all the more anti-God/Christ. I was beyond mesmerized at these parents teaching their children how to die for Christ, my grandchildren does know the only true freedom is to die in Christ Jesus. With Makhya asking what is the most benefiting title to call one who worship Jesus since most supposedly Christians are more so Churchians than Jesus Christ’s? Thus she asked, how would the word Saint be?
-Just recently I described to the man I love, and want to spend whatever time we have on this planet left with, we’re estranged right now, well since I asked him into a street ministry of Jesus Christ. Faithfully, I described to him recently, a man I married and dearly want to be espoused to, with how perhaps Holy Spirits don’t want him to return home, Centerville Mississippi, as a lying, drunken, whore, all the things he was in the last I saw him, but as a minister of Jesus Christ. I didn’t practice this, it’s just the way it came out. You may ask how will I ever gain him back this way? Only God knows, as only God’s will for as long as I live is to in my life, house and ministry be done.
-You see if you love people with God’s manner of love (forgiveness), you’re going to tell them the truth even if it tear your heart in two, (my heart is like wax, it is melted into the midst of my bowls, Jesus), with the Holy Spirit this very moment saying just remember, the entire Heavenly Host, if need be will be there to put it back together again, transforming you into an even greater performance of Jesus Christ.
-Indescribably, what these parents were telling their children and I Melvin Neal, all having sinned, is what all assemblies, schools, churches, colleges, all supposedly educational, religious and political systems and lest I forget monetary systems throughout this nation and the world is supposed to be teaching, doing. Not so much teaching humanity how to die, death is inevitable but how to die the only good, blessed death. This people is where we’ve dropped or conveniently misplaced and frustrated the blood-ball of mankind’s continuing saga, Jesus Christ, The Cross.
-Plainly, if it doesn’t cause you pain and blood at gloriously renewing the heart and soul, this anxious outreach to the lost, then it’s not of Jesus’s Christ, as we are the church of the Martyred.” Remember, Return, REPENT!!! Beware, Apb, The RAM,

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Apostle Patricia A. Bradford, Gilmore

The Holy Throne Of God

God The Father, Son And Holy Spirit

The Spirit and the Bride (Maaseiah), Say Come